In my eyes, design is a process of observation, learning and understanding. Design Strategies can be described as a practice that can be applied in different fields. They can be tools for change, they can break structures and question conventions. With Design Strategies, I try out creative ways to analyze problems, to discuss them and to offer practical ideas. In my work I focus on participation, so that the
research and the concept emerge with those for which it’s meant to be. Design has the potential to make knowledge accessible by communicating its complexity with other
media and methods. I understand design as a sensual
language that transforms knowledge into a physical body. Thus, knowledge becomes tangible and invites the viewer to participate actively.


Born 08.07.1987 in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Working and living in Vienna since 2013.




Master of Arts (Social Design),
University of Applied Arts Vienna

Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Design),
Pforzheim University

Work experience

from 04.18:
Production Assistance Oliver Hangl, Vienna

Gallery Assistance at GPLcontemporary, Vienna

Graphic Designer and Operations Assistance at
rublys GmbH, Start Up for Mobile Marketing in Vienna

Research Assistant for the exhibition
‚Das Letzte im Leben‘ at Hofburg Innsbruck

Research Assistant for the Master’s program
‚Creative Direction‘ at Pforzheim University

Assistant at the office for Student and Academic Affairs
at Pforzheim University

Internship at Studio Judith Seng in Berlin,
Designer and Artist

Internship at Heinz Design in Stuttgart,
Product Designer


Project work (selection)

work in progress:
‚the less you know the better – edgy drinks and
wicked appetizers‘

Cooperation with Karl Schubert Schule für seelen-
pfegebedürftige Kinder in Vienna (Master Thesis)

‚Bewegt erinnern‘ – Cooperation with the Wiener
Wiesenthal Institut für Holocaust-Studien

Creative Direction at KUNSTGLAUBE and video installation at the exhibition ‚Leiblichkeit & Sexualität‘, Votivkirche Vienna

Co-founder of ‚Café Roland – Kaffee und Kunst im
Treppenhaus‘ in Pforzheim