Bewegt erinnern

„Bewegt erinnern – Busfahrt zum Gedenken an ungarisch-jüdische Zwangsarbeit
in Wien 1944/45“ is a  cooperation between the Wiener Wiesenthal Institut für
Holocaust-Studien and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

In the last months of 1944 approximately 60.000 people discriminated as Jews
were deported from Hungary to Vienna as forced laborers. One part of them was
incorporated into the SS-camp system through the Mauthausen camp and the other
part of them was assigned to the „Außenkommando Wien“ of the „Sondereinsatz-
kommando“ Eichmann and came to various firms and businesses as forced laborers.

With the intention of telling the last chapter of the Shoa with a bus tour through
Vienna, I was invited to participate in this project. I worked out a
storytelling format to approach the complex research work of the institute by con-
structing a drama according to the Aristotelian model, defined by place, time and
action. During the design process, our working space became a projection surface
for ideas and allowed us creative ways to „think outside the box“. With the access to
the archive material I conducted a curatorial approach to highlight details that
should support our narratives with audiovisual media.

With Sally Kotter (Industrial Designer) and Anna Misovicz (Sociologist)
from the Social Design class, 2014

VWI – Bewegt erinnern